The absolute best way to stop drinking

stop drinkingAlcoholism is a problem that we as human’s have had to battle with for centuries – with booze come problems, however nice drinking can be from time to time. But on the positive side, much like casino-, gambling- or drug addictions, there is a cure!

And it’s not as diffuclt as you may think it is…

Read on to find, in our opinion, the absolute best way to stop drinking for good!


The absolute best way to stop drinking…

If you’re reading this, chances are that you know that you have to stop drinking, but you just can’t.

Maybe you’ve already tried to stop a couple of times, but you’ve failed after a couple of days or weeks? Do not get discouraged, as this is very common, and there is a solution!

Stopping drinking will be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be as difficult as you think it is.

The best way to stop drinking, in our opinion, is joining a club that helps you recover as an alcoholic. But this is the 21st century, so there is no need to go to embarrassing AA meetups anymore… There are easier solutions. is one of them. In our opinion, an online solution is the best and easiest way to stop drinking, because it has been proven to be much more effective than AA clinics, it is private, easily accessible for anyone and just works. Read more about this program and sign up here.


Benefits of quitting alcohol

If you haven’t already figured it out, there are plenty of benefits to quitting drinking altogether, or even drinking in way to stop alcohol

  • You will obviously be much more healthy – you will feel better physically, will live longer and gain tons of health benefits.
  • No more hangovers – you’ll be surprised how good it feels to wake up and not feel like you’re dying, or still be drunk.
  • You will save a lot of money. Many alcoholics don’t even realize how much money they’re spending on alcohol. Do you want a new car? Even a year of sobriety can help you afford it, because alcoholics spend on average about $5000 – $15000 a year on alcohol.
  • You can expect to live longer – on average, alcoholics die 10 – 30 years earlier than non-alcoholics.
  • Your relationships will improve. You know, because you aren’t drunk all the time, it actually helps with your relationships on the long term.

I don’t think you need more reasons, take action today, not tomorrow, and take the first step by clicking here!

Cure alcoholism through faith in God


For some people, it may help to believe in God or a higher power to cure your alcoholism. While there are many conflicting views about how well this might work, the fact is that is has worked for some people, and it really doesn’t matter what exactly did it, as long as you’re no longer an alcoholic, right? While it may be impossible to prove god, (unless you trust this book on proof of god), the fact is that faith-based recovery might be right for you. Of course, if you’re richard dawkins yourself, you should probably read our other article on the absolutely best way to stop drinking.


What is faith-based recovery?

cross-94371_640There are some spiritual recovery centers for addicts and alcoholics, which go by curing your disease with the aid of a spiritual view. This works whether you’re a christian, a buddhist or even a believer of some cult. The theory is that when someone adds god or some higher power to their lives, it helps them change, because they’re reminded that there is a higher power in control.

This kind of a recovery method is quite popular, and faith has been proven to help people solve most of their everyday problems. Faith helps you realize that there is more to life than it might at first seem.

Faith based recovey is quite popular in the USA, as a survey shows. The survey says that over half of the american population believes that faith can help with addiction, and it is obviously true, as long as you are capable of believeing. If you’re a devout atheist, faith based recovery might even drive one to drink even more, so in that case it is definitely not suggested.

So if you think this might be helpful to you or your loved one that is suffering from alcoholism, it is definitely recommended. You can start by searching for faith based recovery facilities in your area with a quick google search.